Jessamyn Duke Talks Kratom

Jessamyn Duke

Jessamyn Duke Talks Kratom

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How Professional Fighter Jessamyn Duke Incorporates Kratom into Her Training Regimen

Jessamyn Laurel Duke, born June 24th, 1986 is a professional MMA fighter and wrestler. Duke formerly competed in elite fighting championships such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the Invicta Fighting Championship for the women’s bantamweight division title. As a wrestler, she worked with the WWE under their NXT brand.

In an interview with Jessamyn Duke conducted in 2016, when asked about her mixed martial arts training days, she mentioned how kratom helped decrease her muscle fatigue in pre and post workouts. Duke discovered Kratom through a family member and began taking it after intense training sessions. She mentioned how relaxed it made her feel and how it eased the body stress from the taxing workouts when other relief seeking alternatives failed to work. After hearing about her family’s success stories with kratom, she decided to start incorporating kratom capsules into her daily regimen and the rest is history.

As a professional athlete, the least amount of time it takes for one’s body to recover after an extreme training session or inevitable injury is crucial in a successful athlete’s career. Having the ability to walk into the next event completely refreshed with minimal to no muscle aches is a legal advantage athletes can now obtain with the inclusion of kratom in their routine. However, many speculate that athletes who use kratoms benefits are actually using a performance enhancing substance. With athletes competing at the highest professional standard, how do we know that that they will not encounter fines or suspension using a performance enhancing substance?

Is Kratom Considered a Performance Enhancing Substance?

Kratom is certainly enticing to athletes searching for natural remedies to decrease their muscle fatigue and stress. Nevertheless, it is crucial for athletes to make certain that their supplements will not cause trouble for them.

Kratom is not banned by the USADA or WADA.

Kratom’s sports benefits made bystanders suspicious and was even closely monitored by WADA when it surged in popularity many years ago. In 2018, Kratom was officially removed from the WADA monitored substances list after a very thorough investigation. WADA concluded that kratom is now 100% acceptable for athletes competing on the highest level.

Many athletes consume kratom for the following potential benefits:

  • Improved mental focus – increasing an athlete’s mental sharpness by decreasing feelings of brain fog through the ingestion of white vein kratom.
  • Mild pain relief – Kratom can help athletes who experience muscle fatigue and soreness following taxing workouts when taken at the recommended dose to larger doses.
  • Elevated energy and endurance – At low doses, Athletes can experience an increase in energy and endurance during training and exercise.
  • Anxiety and stress relief – With consideration to competitions, stress and anxiety can arise and may affect an athlete’s performance. Kratom can decrease anxiety and stress levels in athletes, thus, improving their performance.

Dosage For First Time Consumers

If you are an athlete new to trying kratom, we recommend that you start slow because age, weight, and health are huge factors in determining which dose is perfect for you. It is ideal, that first time users start with 3 grams, all the while keeping a close eye on your mental and physical health. Wait for about an hour to two hours and up the dose by 1 gram if effects are not noticeable. Dosage that consists of 5 to 7 grams can catch first time consumers by surprise, and the effects can be unsatisfactory for some.


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