Why You Should Try Kratom Capsules

How is kratom capsules consumed

Why You Should Try Kratom Capsules

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The harvesting of plants to treat diseases or to maintain health has existed since the dawn of time. Despite advantages in medicine, individuals continue to search for medication made from botanicals in conjunction with medical care. According to a study conducted in 2019, more than 30% of US patients are currently consuming a form of plant-based medicine to treat their ailments.

One herb that is dramatically increasing in popularity in recent years is kratom. Despite kratom’s rooted history and extensive consumption in Southeast Asia, kratom is slowly emerging in the West. Many varieties of kratom can be found, however, the most effective kratom products are typically found on the form of powder or capsules. Kratom can be purchased from specialty stores, however, we recommend purchasing kratom from a GMP complaint vendor such as Tri Sprout.


Kratom leaves contain two major psychoactive ingredients (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymytragynine.) The leaves from the kratom plant are crushed and placed into capsules. These may be new to some, but the consumption of kratom dates back to the nineteenth century. Kratom was formally known as ‘Stephegyne Speciosa’ and was introduced by botanist Pieter Korthals in 1939. George Darby Haviland reclassified this herbal medicine and gave it the name we know now. Kratom contains at least 54 alkaloids that are responsible for the complex effects one might experience.

Taken in its most convenient form, kratom capsules are broken down in the digestive system and absorbed by the bloodstream. They are then distributed and metabolized the same way as any other capsule product. Additionally, kratom capsules are typically filled with kratom in its powder or liquid state depending on the type of formulation.


A study involving a group of individuals, where 42% female attendees and 58% male attendees were asked a series of questions aimed to know the motives of people who were interested in consuming kratom. The motivations gathered from this study concluded that those individuals wanted to consume kratom in capsule from because:

  • The convenience of obtaining kratom capsules online
  • Treatment of mental health symptoms
  • Soothing of aches and pains
  • Mental Sharpness

According to 60% of first time kratom consumers, their first kratom experience was helpful in the treatment of their symptoms and will continue to take advantage of kratom’s benefits.

Why do some consumers prefer consuming kratom capsules more than its other forms?

  1. Ease of ingestion – Capsule form kratom is easier to consume than powder form because of the bitter taste associated with kratom powder.
  2. Fast relief – The rapid disintegration in the digestive system is perfect for those seeking to relieve their symptoms as quickly as possible.
  3. Elevated absorption – Capsules contain a higher bioavailability than other kratom forms meaning that more kratom compounds enter your bloodstream.
  4. Organic ingredients – Capsules tend to contain fewer ingredients, potentially lessening the susceptibility of the consumer to allergies.

Consuming kratom has never been easier thanks to kratom capsules. There are several stores offering capsules, but one brand that stands out is Tri Sprout. Give yourself the Kratom experience you deserve and buy some capsules today!



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