Taking Kratom? Which Method is Best?

Taking Kratom

Taking Kratom? Which Method is Best?

Taking Kratom? Which Method is Best? 1000 667 Tri Sprout Kratom - Shop For Kratom Online


There are many ways one can consume kratom. In this article, we will explore the various methods that utilize kratom effectively. Some methods include taking kratom in shot form, mixing kratom with yogurt, ingesting capsules, brewing kratom tea, infusing kratom powder into food, and mixing kratom powder with water. There are currently three main products that are utilized to create the various methods listed below. The three products include kratom shots, kratom powder, and kratom capsules.


Kratom shots are a popular and convenient method to experience kratom. Shots are a concentrated liquid form of kratom that is quickly metabolized and is said to produce effects rapidly. Many kratom advocates also mix their kratom shots with their favorite drinks and experience the same effects. Kratom shots are packaged with premeasured amounts of kratom so that the consumer is always aware of the dose size.


Mixing kratom with yogurt is another popular option for individuals who do not enjoy taking kratom on an empty stomach. A yogurt is an excellent option for those looking to mask any unpleasant tastes associated with kratom. Simply mix the kratom powder into your yogurt of choice, mix until the kratom powder is evenly distributed, and the taste of your kratom powder will be unnoticeable. Be sure to check that the kratom powder does not clump into one spot.


Kratom capsules are another popular and convenient method to experience kratom. This method is perfect for those looking to avoid the taste of kratom and prefer to have premeasured doses of kratom. Kratom capsules are discrete and easy to take on the go making it one of the most convenient methods of consuming kratom. Since kratom capsules are premeasured, keeping track of one’s dose size is crucial for achieving the same desired effect that was previously experienced. Kratom capsules break down in your digestive system and will gradually release for a pleasant experience that can last up to several hours. It usually takes between thirty minutes to an hour for the capsules to fully release all of the kratom.


Brewing your own kratom tea using kratom powder is another popular method. This method also does extremely well with removing any undesired tastes. Try boiling kratom powder for at least 30 minutes, then strain it with your tea of choice. The heat from the tea helps release the compounds found in kratom to produce significant effects in as little as thirty minutes.


This simple method used to enjoy kratom involves placing kratom powder in your mouth and chasing it with water. This method remains popular with kratom enthusiasts due to its effectiveness and simplicity. Reportedly, the use of this method suggests that the effects begin quicker than other methods. However, there is a negative associated with practicing this method. Most kratom powder is known for having a bitter taste making this method unenjoyable for some. The bitter taste associated with kratom can be avoided using some of the methods listed above, however, the bitter taste is a small inconvenience compared to the many incredible benefits that kratom has to offer.


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