White Vein Kratom & Its Strain Types

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White Vein Kratom & Its Strain Types

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Whether you are a first-time consumer or an experienced kratom patron. It is crucial to know the three main strains that kratom is classified through. The three strains consist of red vein kratom, white vein kratom, and green vein kratom. Each of which has their own distinctive effects. While the red vein kratom strain is popular for its relaxing effects, white vein kratom has the opposite effect. With many different types of white vein kratom available on the market today, the same amount of energy boosting/mood enhancing effects are not equal amongst the various strain types.

White vein kratom is also collected from the same Mitragyna Speciosa tree that red vein and green vein are collected from. White vein’s unique coloration is attributed to the special harvesting technique used to capture the desired effects during the plant’s early maturity phase. Do not fear, collecting the leaves at a different maturity phase is not emblematic of a less potent/lower quality kratom strain. Kratom strains deriving from the white vein family are often praised for their energizing properties.

Range of Effects

  • Clear headspace – Overthinking is an issue that many deal with on a day-to-day basis. Some consumers have reported an improvement in mental health after incorporating white vein kratom into their regimen.
  • Energy Boost – Achieveing that “wake up” feeling from coffee without experiencing the jitters may seem impossible to some. However, white vein’s energizing properties provide consumers with increased levels of energy and mental uplift without that jittery feeling.
  • Improved mental focus – Increase your mental sharpness by decreasing feelings of brain fog through the ingestion of white vein kratom.
  • Elevated sensation, mildly euphoric – Have your senses stimulated with elevated sense of touch, smell, and taste. The euphoric feeling that white vein offers will have coffee gurus ditching their boring cups of coffee for white vein kratom!

Strain Types

  1. White Bali – Consumers have reported that this specific strain made them feel upbeat, energized, and focused. The effects can resemble elevated sensation and mild euphoria when consumed at high doses. This strain is perfect for individuals searching to achieve physical and mental relaxation paired with mild pain-relieving effects.
  2. White Thai – This strain type is very similar to white Bali, however, it is lacking in the feeling of relaxation and analgesic properties. The effects for this strain type are considered to be on the ‘higher’ end of the spectrum.
  3. White Horn – While having some energy boosting properties, this strain type is very relaxing and often mistaken for red vein kratom.


If you are new to trying kratom, we recommend that you start slow. Age, weight, and health are huge factors in determining which dose is perfect for you. It is ideal, that first time users start with 2-3 grams. All the while keeping a close eye on your mental and physical health. Wait for about an hour to two hours and up the dose by 1 gram if effects are not noticeable. Dosage that consists of 5 to 7 grams can catch first time consumers by surprise, and the effects can be unsatisfactory for some.

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