Storing Your Kratom

Storing Kratom

Storing Your Kratom

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If you are looking to increase longevity when storing kratom, freezing your favorite botanical is perfect for retaining freshness.

Does freezing kratom affect potency?

Freezing kratom does quite the opposite of decreasing its beneficial properties. Upon placing your kratom in the freezer, you are actually preserving kratom alkaloids from diminishing. Thus, extending the duration of your kratom, as opposed to storing your product at room temperature. However, you must freeze your kratom properly as it may do more harm than good.

In this article, we will explore the proper techniques to keep your kratom fresher for longer!


At room temperature, kratom’s shelf life typically lasts about three months, assuming that the container your kratom Is being stored in is airtight, dry, and is not in direct contact with sunlight. If kratom is exposed to any of these factors, your kratom’s alkaloids will start to break down and your product will lose its potency.

If frozen, you might be able to preserve the freshness of kratom for up to a year. Just like how you preserve your foods freshness by freezing it, placing your kratom in the freezer actually slows down the degradation of alkaloids. However, freezing your kratom products is not a full proof method considering it is likely to lose some alkaloid potency. Yet, freezing your kratom is still the best method for those looking to get more than three months out of their kratom.


If you want to get the most bang for your buck, freezing your kratom is hands down the best method to increase its shelf life. However, throwing your kratom in the freezer without taking into consideration the possible factors that can slightly alter its alkaloid properties. Don’t fear! Here are some tips to help preserve kratom’s alkaloids as much as possible:

  • Keep your kratom dry – Moisture is kratom’s worst enemy. It is necessary to ensure that there is no liquid in the container you are using to store your kratom in the freezer. An airtight container is always recommended for staring any kratom product.
  • Try to stabilize the freezer temperature – We recommend freezing your kratom in a freezer that is not open and closed often. Opening the freezer door raises the temperature and can thaw your kratom ever so slightly.
  • Keep your kratom in an airtight container – When kratom is exposed to air, it very subtly withers away at its freshness. Keeping your kratom in an airtight container helps combat this issue.
  • Store in a dark place – As aforementioned, UV or natural light can speed up the rate at which the alkaloid potency decreases.


Following the tips mentioned previously will guide you to a successful freezing experience. However, lets reiterate:

  • Always double check your kratom container for moisture.
  • Always ensure that your kratom is not exposed to constant fluctuations in temperature.
  • Always store your kratom in an airtight or sealed container.



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