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In previous years, obtaining kratom in any other form besides powder was unheard of. However, it is currently offered in a variety of products including powder, capsules, and shots. The effects of such range from an increase in energy, mental alertness, anxiety relief, mood enhancer, sleep aid, and pain relief depending on the strain.


Each experience varies from person to person depending on the method of consumption and how much is consumed. Consumers stated that kratom worked well in the increase of energy and stimulation when taken in small doses. Some users reported a surge in productivity and mental alertness on days they were feeling lethargic.


Elementally, kratom is composed of many various chemical compounds. Two of the main compounds that attribute to it’s effects are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Mitragynine can be found in the leaves of the plant, however, 7-hydroxymitragynine can be found in the body after consumption.

These unique chemical compounds activate the same receptors that opioids would, only kratom is abundantly more natural in doing so. While studies indicate that traditional opioids can cause adverse side effects due to how they react with our bodies, this all-natural plant may not possess the same risks. The mitragynine alkaloid found in kratom directly affects serotonin levels, as well as the breakdown of molecules that correlate with mood and energy. Thus, this explains why kratom is very successful in working as a stimulant for so many individuals.


The main feature responsible for kratom’s rise in popularity is the fact that all products are derived from a natural plant. During a time of large corporations pushing their latest supplements, drugs, or medications filled with unhealthy additives, the organic nature of this product is a relief to those avoiding big pharma. Individuals do not need to worry about the probability of acquiring it containing unnatural additives, especially when purchasing products from places like Tri Sprout.

Kratom products provide consumers with the relief they need in a more organic method, instead of turning to chemical derived substances. As aforementioned, if an individual is looking to try kratom or replace their current medication with it, we recommend consulting with a doctor before discontinuing their current medication.

In most places across the US, the products are convenient and incredibly easy to obtain. This factor contributes to kratom’s popularity as most individuals often have to jump over hurdles to get the relief they need. Consumers can turn to reputable online stores like Tri Sprout who offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

Lastly, the ease of consumption for kratom products is another factor considered when asked why kratom is so popular. In addition to it producing beneficial effects and therapeutic results, kratom is easy to enjoy throughout the process.

Kratom is a unique experience that varies from individual to individual and the best way to see if one can receive help from it’s many benefits is to try some for yourself!



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