What is Kratom Tea and How Can You Benefit From It?

Kratom Tea

What is Kratom Tea and How Can You Benefit From It?

What is Kratom Tea and How Can You Benefit From It? 800 475 Tri Sprout Kratom - Shop For Kratom Online

With a recent surge in popularity, kratom is considered one of the most versatile botanicals on the market offering consumers many methods of consumption. Out of the numerous techniques used to consume kratom, kratom in tea form seems to be the most popular of the bunch. In summary, brewing kratom tea is a practical method for consumers looking to maintain accurate dose sizes, effective in acquiring a rapid delivery of effects, and is incredibly customizable in terms of taste.

Brewing your own Kratom tea can make it taste better, as well as enhance kratom’s effects. It can be taken anywhere to be enjoyed publicly without anyone batting an eye.
In this article, we will explore what it is, what effects can be utilized from it, and what benefits can one obtain using this method of consumption.


The procedure of brewing kratom tea is no different than making boring ole regular tea! It is the same as any other tea that you would brew at home, it is just a matter of swapping tea bags with your favorite kratom powder.

How to make your own tea at home:

  1. Add water to the pot, bring water to a boil, and lower the heat until the water is simmering.
  2. Squeeze half of the lemon into the simmering water or add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  3. Add your preferred dose of kratom.
  4. Keep the tea mixture simmering for 10-12 minutes while stirring regularly.
  5. Remove the pot and tea mixture from the heat source, strain carefully, and allow the kratom-infused tea to cool.
  6. Enjoy!


Depending on the strain used to make the tea, there is a variety of effects one can experience. Teas made with the red vein kratom strain tend to be the more relaxing and soothing. Teas made with the white vein kratom strain are known for boosting energy and enhancing mood. Teas made with green vein kratom offer an excellent balance between red and white vein kratom. Green vein kratom tea can provide consumers with increased mental alertness paired with body relaxation.


In comparison to other methods associated with kratom, consuming kratom in tea form may be the quickest in the delivery of desired effects due to the kratom alkaloids extracted and suspended in an easy to digest liquid. The body is quick to absorb these alkaloids and starts to utilize them immediately. Other methods usually require the digestion of capsules, kratom infused edibles, etc.


Upon brewing your tea, one can obtain peace of mind knowing that the alkaloids pertaining to that dose are evenly divided throughout the entire batch of tea. So that if you are brewing your tea in a kettle with multiple servings, you can divide the total dose by the number of servings to get the portion of the dose that you want. If you are ready to get started, visit our shop.


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