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Growing in Popularity

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A consumer’s experience varies depending on the dose size and which strain of kratom is consumed. The versatility and convenience are some of the main features that can best explain why kratom’s popularity is growing in America. From new consumers of kratom to experienced kratom advocates, configuring methods for incorporating kratom into one’s daily regimen has never been easier considering the range of kratom products on the market today.

In this article, we will explore the main reasons why this traditional herb is growing in popularity and the many potential health benefits one can obtain from kratom.


For those sensitive to caffeine, kratom has been described to be an excellent coffee substitute. Most consumers mentioned that including kratom in their morning routine gives them that extra kick they need to get out the door without the jitters they experience from caffeine.

The biggest benefit one can obtain from consuming kratom over coffee is that there is no “caffeine crash” when energy levels are on the decline. Kratom’s energy wears off naturally compared to that foggy and exhausted feeling an individual might encounter with coffee.

For an increase in energy, we recommend the purchase of white vein kratom. However, if you find that the white vein strains packs too much energy for you, the green vein kratom strain would be a better choice for you.


Out of all the effects that kratom can be utilized for, pain relief is one of the most sought after. The alkaloids found in kratom can dull pain receptors and release more of that ‘feel good’ chemical to our brain.

The red vein kratom strains tend to be the most effective in decreasing body aches and pains. The benefits of kratom can vary between different batches of kratom, always make sure you are purchasing your kratom from a consistent, reputable retailer.


One of the benefits that seem to be present amongst all strains of kratom is the overall feeling of happiness. Whether you are feeling down, or looking to unwind after a long day of stress, kratom provides consumers with a pleasant experience that can make you feel at peace.

Many consumers are intrigued with how kratom is the perfect blend of functional relaxation and energy. Kratom’s mood lifting properties is great to enjoy while indulging in your favorite low energy activities, or high energy activities.

For the most effective strains that improve mood and comfort, we recommend green vein kratom or white vein kratom. While red vein kratom may improve mood, red vein tends to be more of a calming effect than uplifting.


Stress and anxiety can lead to various health conditions both mentally and physically. Everyone copes with their stress and anxiety in different ways, one of them being kratom. Kratom can not only calm you down, but also increase mental alertness.

Green and red vein kratom are usually the go to strains when looking to unwind and decrease stress.

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