Performance Enhancing Properties of Kratom

Performance enhancing properties

Performance Enhancing Properties of Kratom

Performance Enhancing Properties of Kratom 1014 850 Tri Sprout Kratom

Performance Enhancing

Originating in Southeast Asian countries, Kratom has been used for centuries for its performance enhancing properties. Traditionally, individuals would ingest kratom to increase their strength and endurance when working long hours in a labor-intensive occupation. The potential to boost focus and endurance during strenuous exercise is an enticing factor that has many modern athletes trying kratom.

Many athletes consume kratom for the following potential benefits:

  • Mild pain relief – Kratom can help athletes who experience muscle fatigue and soreness following taxing workouts when taken at the recommended dose to larger doses.
  • Elevated energy and endurance – At low doses, Athletes can experience an increase in energy and endurance during training and exercise.
  • Anxiety and stress relief – With consideration to competitions, stress and anxiety can arise and may affect an athlete’s performance. Kratom can decrease anxiety and stress levels in athletes, thus, improving their performance.

With all the benefits listed previously, athletes and sports enthusiasts alike might want to integrate kratom into their recovery and training program. However, with athletes competing at the highest degree, how do we know that that they will not encounter fines or suspension using a performance enhancing substance?

Is Kratom Considered a Performance Enhancing Substance?

Kratom is certainly enticing to athletes searching for natural remedies to decrease their muscle fatigue and stress. Nevertheless, it is crucial for athletes to make certain that their supplements will not cause trouble for them.

Kratom is not banned by the USADA or WADA.

Kratom’s sports benefits made bystanders suspicious and was even closely monitored by WADA when it surged in popularity many years ago. In 2018, Kratom was officially removed from the WADA monitored substances list after a very thorough investigation. WADA concluded that kratom is now 100% acceptable for athletes competing on the highest level.

Which Kratom Strains would be most beneficial for you?

If you are looking to integrate kratom into your sport or training routine, it is vital to select the right strain of kratom. Kratoms healing properties stem from two alkaloids that are classified as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. All kratom strains contain both alkaloids but vary in proportion. The effects experienced ingesting kratom rely on which strain of kratom you have.

  • Red Vein Kratom – This strain is considered to have the most relaxing and pain-relieving properties. Most consumers reported that red vein kratom helped relieve their extreme muscle fatigue and soreness. Some athletes use red vein kratom to cope with pre-competition anxiety.
  • White Vein Kratom – This strain offers energy and elevation in endurance. Most consumers oftener use this strain as a coffee substitute. For those looking for a natural supplement to replace their pre-workout, white vein kratoms uplifting effects would make an excellent substitute.
  • Green Vein Kratom – This strain is perfect for those wanting to experience both energetic and relaxing effects. Green vein kratom keeps you alert and comfortable following an exercise. Consumers of this strain noted that they experienced energy and pain relief to help with their muscle fatigue.

If any of these benefits sound appealing for you, then purchasing some high quality kratom is the right choice for you. We recommend purchasing from a trusted online retailer like

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